Fox Theatre McCook Nebraska

T: (308) 340-3298

 412 Norris Avenue | McCook, Nebraska | 69001

The Renovation Project

Preserving the Past & Welcoming the Future.

Typical of buildings of its era with three quarters of a century of use and deterioration, the theatre no longer meets the demands of a 21st century presentation facility, either in comfort, code compliance or technical capabilities.  This renovation will help resolve these issues.

The basic intent of the project is to preserve the character and charm of the theatre while upgrading the facility to current life safety needs, code compliance and ADA accessible conformity.

Renovation Photos


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Completed Projects

  • Dressing Rooms with restrooms built
  • New & Upgraded Electrical installed
  • New Heating, Ventilating & Cooling Unit
  • New roof installed with stage area access
  • Insulation to Roof added
  • Access doors to stage replaced & widened
  • New Stairwell to basement dressing rooms created
  • Main Curtain moved forward & motorized
  • New Curtains added to stage for depth
  • Big Screen placed on a retracting mechanism
  • Building Front freshly painted
  • New stars completed and painted
  • Marquee updated with new letters & reduced energy light bulbs
  • A portion of the sound system installed to give some sound reinforcement capability

Projects in Progress

  • Public Restrooms enlarged & made ADA compliant
  • Auditorium Ceiling, walls, & floor updated
  • New Plumbing system installed
  • Sprinkler system added to stage & dressing rooms
  • New energy efficient lighting
  • Stage level dressing rooms and restrooms completed
  • Ramp access to stage added in the auditorium
  • Stairways to the stage redesigned with railings
  • Walls & carpeting in the Lobby Area updated

Furture Projects

  • Marquee wiring & mechanics refurbished
  • New Wall Washing Lights added to front of the building
  • All seating will be repaired, refinished & reupholstered
  • New stage lighting installed
  • New sound booth & sound system
  • Original pipe organ rebuilt
  • Orchestra pit constructed
  • New surface on the stage floor